About Ramen Sugita Family

[Sugitaya] (Sugita Family) is the first family style ramen restaurant in direct lineage of the famous Yoshimura family.

As a direct descendant of the Yokohama Lineage, we have always been committed to the authentic taste of our products, as well as the opening of more restaurants and keeping a smile on our faces. We are proud to share with you the Sugita Family’s “Main Restaurant”, “Chiba Yuko Restaurant” and “Chiba’s front Station Restaurant”. Please come down and give us a visit!  

What is Iekei?

In 1974, there was an establishment of ramen shops under the name of “Yoshimuraya” that originated in 1974 in Yokohama, Japan. This has established a major move in ramen shops opening in Yokohama which eventually influenced more restaurants opening in Kanagawa Prefecture. We would love to share with you, “Thick noodles with a nice chewy, soft texture, and our savory Tonkotsu Shoyu base flavors infused with chicken oil.” 


With our store’s “Oudou menu” (Royalty menu) at the main focus, we also offer traditional Sugitaka (Sugita family) dishes. 

You do not want to miss our very famous dish “Mabushi Don”. 

We prepare an assortment of toppings that will provide each time a new way to enjoy our Sugitaka dishes. 

Please take a look at our menu. 



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Chiba Yukoten

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Contact us

Please feel free to contact us via email form or with the phone numbers listed below. 

Main Restaurant (Honten): 045-776-2155   

Chiba Yuh Hikari Restaurant (Chiba Yuko Ten): 043-411-8008 

Chiba’s front Station Restaurant (Chiba Eki Mae Ten): 043-305-4488

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Main Restaurant (Honten)

Chiba Yuh Hikari Restaurant (Chiba Yuko Ten)

Chiba’s front Station Restaurant (Chiba Eki Mae Ten)